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WELCOME to Alive N' Juicy
 " An eclectic site for the blossoming of the new world" 

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  Upcoming EVENTS  
    FREE Iridology Lecture

Dr. Ellen Tart- Jensen Ph.D., DSc.,CCII

Saturday, April 26, 2014
West Charleston Library
6301 West Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Iridology Level 1 Seminar
April 27&28, 2014
9am - 5pm
Las Vegas, NV
       $445 before 4/6/14

*********CLICK HERE TO REGISTER**********
 Private Iridology Sessions
Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

Vacation With Me

in Costa Rica
I will be hosting retreats at Finca de Vida retreat center in Costa Rica in the upcoming months. If you have always wanted a FABULOUS, healthy and FUN vacation, this is it. Come join us this year. Learn some fabulous gourmet raw vegan recipes, play in breath taking waterfalls, eat fresh off the tree tropical fruits and relax in at lush, sunny, tropical Finca de Vida, the "farm of life".  Visit them HERE to view the farm, accommodations and all the splendor of Costa RIca. 
Wouldn't it be nice to experience this on your next vacation?

       Nauyaca Waterfalls                     This will be YOU!

Zip line Anyone?
( this is the most fun outdoor activity I have EVER done )

Watch how much FUN you can have!!

Come with us and visit several of the world's most active volcanos, Arenal and Poas.

                         Arenal Volcano and a Toucan

  And finish a Fabulous day in Costa Rica...

Sunset from the Finca de Vida dinning room

Watch for our retreat dates & itinerary
 coming soon for 2015

Raw Pets ~~~

Watch a video demonstrating how to prepare fresh raw chicken and fruit treats for your pets.

Read an article about raw & living food for your pets, what it is and how to make it. Click Crystal's picture to see what she has to say.


   Chef Dr. Diondra

" Big heartfelt thanks to Dr. D! I can always rely on her food and products to be the tastiest, cleanest and best for me. Her knowledge is vast and continues to grow. She is a wonderful resource. Through her, I have learned about and experienced cleansing, naturopathy, raw foods and spiritual practices. Thank you, Dr.D, for making my life "Alive and Juicy." 
Michele, NV

  Delicious Raw Vegan Delights!!

        Persian Saffron Pistachio Torte

                    Pasta Marinara 

                 Apple Mango Wraps

Tomato Basil Cheese with Flax Seed Chard 

               German Chocolate Cake

                Creamed Spinach Soup

" Dr.Diondra is the "Real Deal" when it comes to raw food and health in general. She is very dedicated and an inspiration to me. I have gone to the famous raw food restaurants here and in San Francisco, but Diondra's food tops them all! Did I tell you I studied raw food with Dr. Gabriel Cousens too? Anyway, I can't say enough good things about Diondra. Her food is not only nutritious but tastes the very best too!"
With love and best wishes,  Eva Futch

                  White Lasagna

    Raisin Toast w/ Orange Cream Sauce

             Kale and Wild Rice Salad

                    Vegan  Sushi

          Chocolate Coconut Bliss Torte   

       Tomato Spinach Breakfast Quiche 

         Cheddar Cheese Nacho Chips

Learn About

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My Handmade Filled Raw Chocolates



Start your own cleanse NOW, a green glass a day will get you going! Start with our green juice recipe and Go Green today!


                     Fabulous Fudge


                 Tropical Fruit Torte


                     Pad Thai Veggies

             Chocolate Wild Peanut Torte

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